*tip* LABEL SUPPLIES WITH YOUR NAME   You will need, everyday:

  • A sketchbook, which will stay in the art room.  

  • PLEASE HAVE A SKETCHBOOK. (the ones that have a continuous coil hold together best) 

  • If your student is left handed it is best to have the coil bound at the top of the page, otherwise it can get in the way!

  • This sketchbook can continue to be used for Grade Eight.*the Dollarama in Bridgewater has a good hard cover coil bound for $3.00

  • A pencil, a white eraser, scissors, glue stick (large)

  • Markers, coloured pencils, etc. allow students to make personal decisions about creative work.  

  • The school provides all paper, paints, brushes, fabrics, yarn, paper, inks, nibs, pastels, printmaking supplies, and so on.

Communication Plan
Independent Project

Assignment handout

Skill builder 

I will have pencils for sale at cost for students arriving without pencils.

Any questions or difficulties, please contact me.  

I have many options available to help out.

Please help your child in be prepared for art class.  Thanks!