Assignment handout


Assignment handout

Assignment handout

Skill builder 1

Skill builder 2

*tip* LABEL SUPPLIES WITH YOUR NAME  You will need, everyday:

  • A sketchbook, minimum size 8x10", which will stay in the art room.  

  • PLEASE HAVE A SKETCHBOOK. (the ones that have a continuous coil hold together best)

  • IF the student is left handed make sure the coil is at the top of the page, otherwise the coil can get in the way!)

  • This sketchbook can continue to be used for Grade Eight.

  • A pencil, a white eraser, scissors, glue stick (large)

  • Markers, coloured pencils, etc. allow the student to make personal decisions about creative work.  The school provides all paper, paints, brushes, fabrics, yarn, paper, inks, nibs, pastels, printmaking supplies, and so on.


I will have pencils for sale at cost for students arriving without pencils.

Any questions or difficulties, please contact me.  I have many options available to help out.

Please help your child in be prepared for art class.  Thanks!